Our Background_

Goodman Coffee Enterprise was incorporated by the Commissioners Company Malaysia on 5th Oct 2016. It is located at Pelangi Damansara, Selangor which is surrounded by shop lots, malls (The Curve, Ikea), residential area and private college. The completed infrastructure such as water and electricity, vehicles visibility and others may help us in many ways such as to obtain and distribute materials to the fullest including communication with walk-in customers.
This company profile is prepared to ensure that our business commences its operations with clear vision and mission so that we work towards achieving our goals. Furthermore, the aspects pertaining to marketing, operation and finance have been studied in depth so that our business would have more opportunities to compete in the market with other established health products in the same industry.
‘Before the company established, I was a sailor on board a big ship go around the world. The coffee has been the passion and the way of my life since then. ’Mr. Aminuddin - The Founder

Halal & Traditional_

The uniqueness about our product is that not everyone knows how to produce such effective traditional heritage drinks in Malaysia. The old cultural heritage seems fade away and younger generation are not interested in consuming these herbs. Our coffee is made in a friendly manner where it is easier to consume or drink does taste as premium coffee itself
As we aware of the huge population of Muslims globally has led to the pressing need to ensure food production worldwide meets the stringent HALAL requirements. In view of this, our product is certainly HALAL and produced by Bumiputra and Muslim. Thus, it is clearly HALAL because the ingredients that we used are locals.